Big Hike In Maine

Yesterday Bowzer, Uncle Bob, and I went on a very long hike in Maine. You may recall that I am visiting my Uncle Bob in Maine for a few weeks! So far we have had such a great time. I can’t believe we spent so long apart from one another. But I’ll tell you, it feels like we never spent a moment apart. Never again will I go so long without seeing him. He was one of my best friends growing up and it’s great to have him back in my life.

We decided we were going to go on a 10 mile hike throughout the neighboring woods. It was magnificent seeing all of the wonderful views that Maine has to offer.

About 3 miles in we came across this little clearing. We had to stop and take a photo of how beautiful it was.

This was about 6 miles in right after we climbed a pretty steep hill. Again, another amazing view.

This was on our way back. Truly amazing

Of course Bowzer had an amazing time. He really does love spending time in the woods. I really need to move out here…


We Made It!

We made it to my Uncle Bob’s place in Maine today! It only took us a few days to get here. Much quicker than I had anticipated. Bowzer did really well in the car, too! I thought he was going to have a problem being cooped up for so long, but he was a joy to ride with. I made sure to take breaks from driving every few hours so we could get out and stretch our legs. He didn’t get car sick, which I am SUPER happy about.

My Uncle Bob was so happy to see us. It’s been so long since I had seen him. He hasn’t aged a bit. I can still recognize him because of his smile and his laugh. His smile brightens up a room and his laugh is like a thunderous roar. It’s unmistakable.

We’ve spent the whole day catching up and having some beers. Bowzer has been running around the yard like a mad man. There are so many new smells that he has never experienced. I’ve actually never seen him so happy.

I mean, I’ve been thinking about moving out here for a while now. A change of scenery wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Although, it would be incredibly hard to leave all of my friends and family. I don’t think I’d be able to do that. Maybe I can get a camper for up here. You know, one of those stationary ones.

I don’t know, I don’t want to make any impulse decisions. For now, I’m going to enjoy spending some quality time with Uncle Bob and Bowzer!