Road Trip!

Bowzer and I are going on a road trip to visit my Uncle up in Maine! We are SUPER excited to be doing this. We’re going to be going on a 3 week adventure. I can’t believe I was able to get time off of work, but man am I pumped!

I haven’t seen my Uncle Bob in over 10 years!! I wonder how much he has changed. Hopefully not at all, because he was always so much fun. I’ll never forget the Easter when my Aunt clogged the garbage disposal with grease and Uncle Bob tried to fix it. He forgot to shut the trap and turned on the water, which absolutely soaked him in water haha! That was SO funny.

He’s also notorious for walking through screen doors. My mother would always yell at him when I was growing up because I think he destroyed about 5 of our screen doors in the span of 3 years. I have no idea how he does it, but he always walks through them! I guess nothing will get in his way haha

Bowzer is going to have so much fun running around on his land. Uncle Bob has about 15 acres of beautiful woodlands.

He’s also carved out several trails, so Bowzer and I will have plenty of opportunity to go hiking throughout the woods. I think that’s the part I am most excited about. Bowzer and I haven’t been hiking in the woods in God knows how long.

I’m going to be sure to give Bowzer some Frontline in order to prevent him from getting ticks. That would be awful if he were to get lime disease.

He’s finally had his energy return to him after the party we had. It took the little guy so long to recover haha

Anyways, I have to go pack! We’re hitting the road soon! Yayyyy!

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