Great Weekend!

We had such a great time hosting our housewarming party! About 50 people ended up showing up, which was way more than I had originally anticipated. It was a blast though!


People brought SO MUCH food – it was incredible. We had stuffed breads, potato salads, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chips, dip, etc! and the drinks were plentiful too! My Uncle Don makes one hell of a Margarita. I think he said the trick is to use Tito’s.

I made sure that no one drove home drunk. The last thing that I want is for someone to get pulled over and have their life ruined. So we ended up having a few people stay over. I ended up making everyone pancakes in the morning – chocolate chip, of course. People ended up helping clean up. I don’t think the apartment will ever look as good as it does now.

Bowzer had a great time, too! He got to play with all of his puppy cousins. Luckily all of the dogs are small, like he is. He does get along with big dogs, but he prefers playing with small dogs. We ended up getting the dog playpen that we had talked about and it worked out well. I’m glad that we did that instead of having a dog run setup. A dog run would have caused way too much chaos and would have allowed people to trip over the lines.


Bowzer was absolutely exhausted after the party. He ended up sleeping for a couple of days haha. I’ve never seen a jack russell so un-energetic. It does make me miss his energy, though. As much as his high energy annoys me, I really do love it. It makes me feel young LOL

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